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With the natural world as my inspiration I am drawn to areas where the elements meet and interact; sea and stone, weather and rock, wind and sand, and explore this repeatedly in my ceramic work aiming to create surface finishes that appear as though naturally occurring; the result of natural forces brought to bear over time.

Using coarsely textured clays, worked into with further texturing, layers are built up where the clay surface itself is as important as the overlaid oxides, slips and glaze. I manipulate how this comes together by creating irregular ‘windows’ and openings, through partial layers, scratching or scraping back to the underlying clay or previous layer to reveal what lies beneath and allow these to meld together to create a finished surface which alludes to hidden layers, the work of time and the natural elements.


My functional and sculptural hand-built pieces are both simple and refined, where form and surface are compatible and in balance. Creating forms with a strong sense of presence that have a relationship or conversation with each other that stand equally well as groups as they do alone.

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